The City of Florence Recreation Department, in association with the Florence Youth Softball Association, hosts a girls youth softball program for the Florence community. There are two seasons each year which offer league play – spring and fall.

The league is provided for youth ranging from the age of 5 to 18 years of age. All ages are determined as of December 31st of the previoius year for the spring league, and December 31st of the current year for the fall league. League participation is dependent upon the particpant’s location of residence. The fee is $41 per participant.

2019 Spring Season

  • Congratulations to the 9-10 All Star Team on the Little League Tournament of State Champions.
  • Congratulations to the Senior All-Star Team on winning the Little League Southeast Regions.
  • Congratulations to the Little League Softball Team on winning State Tournament.

2019 Fall Season

  • Registration: August 1st – September 1st
  • Cost: $41
  • Ages: 5-18 based on your birthdate of December 31st, 2019
  • Location: Freedom Florence

Fall Softball Schedules

Fall Softball 5-8 year old Schedule

Fall Softball 9-10 year old schedule

Fall softball 11-12 year old schedule

Fall softball 13-18 year old schedule

Online Registration